Join the pretzelution! Join the pretzelution! Join the pretzelution! Join the pretzelution!

Welcome to the pretzelution

Pretzels are one of the oldest snacks in the world: they’re classic, tried-and-true, and, if we’re being honest, in dire need of an update.

Sure, they’ve been flavored with salts and seasonings, but other than that, there’s been no real shake up to the salty, golden, beloved pantry staple. The same story applies to most classic snacks, too: that’s where we come in.

We took the crunchy texture and salty flavor of a traditional pretzel and combined it with the timeless appeal of other classic snacks for a new take on old favorites.

The result? A PRETZELIZED snack.

  • STEP 1: Snack Starter

    Start with a classic snack.

  • STEP 2: dip & soak

    Let them kick back, relax, and soak in a pretzel brine bath to absorb all that tasty flavor!

  • STEP 3: oven-bake

    Transfer to our special oven where they bake to a toasty, golden-brown.

  • STEP 4: pretzelized

    Emerge lookin' like a snack! (A PRETZELIZED snack, that is).